-actors, trainee actors, stand-ups, dancers, models, presenters, voice-over artists-

Jessica teaches both the technical and artistic aspects of voice work and believes fluency in one informs the fluency in the other. Her training style combines technique with the application of that technique in the interpretive side of performance, developing the voice’s range, fluency and confidence so it is there to serve the interpretive choices and needs of the performer. Her earlier work as an actor greatly informs her understanding of the complex requirements of her professional clients.


+ All elements of basic vocal technique: breath and breathing, physical relaxation and alignment, range, articulation, tone, projection
+ Application of vocal technique in performance
+ Text interpretation & script study
+ Audition preparation: monologues and presentation skills
+ Voice-over preparation
+ Sight-reading
+ Standard British Accent (RP): as an acting requirement or for second language speakers
+ Vocal health

“Twenty years ago I had a crisis of confidence concerning my voice. I turned to Cicely Berry to ask for help and she recommended without hesitation that I contact Jessica. It was marvellous advice as Jessica, having worked both as an actor and director, not only had a complete understanding as to the psychology behind my fears, she also possessed the means to address the problems. Consequently before every theatre venture now, I know I can get ‘match fit’ by going to see her.” Susan Wooldridge, actor

“Jessica is the first person I turn to when I start to work on a character or have any public speaking to do. Jessica is not only a magician when it comes to dealing with any vocal issues I might be having, but she is also a brilliant director.  Her supportive guidance and skill in understanding what is the root of the problem, how to resolve the issue of vocal tension, and how to approach any text with confidence has been incredibly helpful in my career. I walk out her sessions feeling one hundred percent more confident.” Shelagh McLeod, actor, writer, director