-teachers, musicians, computer managers, academics, BSL interpreters and furniture makers are among the many individuals Jessica has worked with over the years-

There are many reasons why individuals find their way to Jessica’s door, from wanting to indulge their love of speaking poetry or prose to adjusting specific aspects of their personal voice use they are not happy with. These might include vocal confidence, being heard (volume and clarity) and issues around vocal health. Jessica technical knowledge and broad work experience enables her to respond to the particular requirements of her clients by designing bespoke programmes for them.


+ All elements of basic vocal technique: breath and breathing, physical relaxation and alignment, range, articulation, tone, projection
+ Building vocal confidence, range, clarity and expression
+ Voice use in different situations: at home, on the phone/online, social gatherings, work place
+ Working on text – poetry, prose, dramatic monologues
+ Preparing for interviews: job and with clients
+ Accent calming and clarity for second language speakers
+ Vocal health

Having worked with Jessica for some years, I know her to be a gifted, insightful and dedicated teacher of voice, able to inspire, encourage and support as well as to get to the heart of matters concerning both technique and text. She embodies the highest standards, and I have found my work with her stimulating, fulfilling and of great value in both my professional and personal life.” Bernard King, pianist and pyschotherapist

“Jessica has high standards, patience and empathy. She offers clear advice suited to each individual and with quiet humour achieves miracles.” Lynn Farleigh, actor, director, teacher