those working in business, charities, and organisations where professional presentation and confident, clear, easy voice use is a key component in the job-

Jessica is able to harness the voice and acting training techniques she has honed through her work with performers to give creative and productive assistance to those working in professional environments where good voice and presentation skills are required. Through patience, encouragement and her ability to communicate knowledge and understanding concerning voice and speaking she is able to facilitate the successful achievement of her client’s goals.


+ All elements of basic vocal technique: breath and breathing, physical relaxation and alignment, range, articulation, tone, projection
+ Building vocal confidence, range and expression
+ Applying the voice in differing work situations: one on one, small meetings, presentations
+ Presentations: Power Point; speaking with/without a lectern; using a mike
+ Preparing for interviews: job and with clients
+ Accent calming and clarity for second language speakers
+ Vocal health

“I have used the services of Jessica for more than twenty years.  I would always choose her over and above any other voice trainer. Her expertise and deep insights into how to improve and enhance the spoken voice are invaluable. My clients are always delighted with the results.  This is partly because Jessica gives advice which is easy to understand and apply. Jessica is the best voice coach in the business.” Richard Phillips, international consultant in spoken communication, presentation and media training

Jessica showed me how to focus on the essential points of what needed to be said in my lecture, and helped me to structure the talk in the most impactful way.  As a result, I found a new confidence and have been asked to do much more public speaking.” Carol Alayne, master tailor